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Hearing Tests at Family Hearing Center
Our hearing tests are generally one hour long. They include binaural testing in our large sound proof booth. Family members are encouraged to attend the testing and Steve will explain each aspect of the results. Many times, the family member(s) do not fully understand hearing loss until they attend this type of demonstration. While in the booth, we are testing each frequency through specialized equipment. We measure air and bone conduction, speech discrimination, and also check their most comfortable hearing level. This will determine the type of hearing device we recommend. We also base the hearing device recommendation on how active their lifestyle is. We give the client choices of types of hearing aid as well as price ranges to fit all their needs.
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Specialty Services

Steve specializes in helping those hard-to-fit patients who other professionals with less experience with difficult cases have given up on. He tries to listen to the patient and adjust the devices as the patient needs—not only as the computer system allows it to adjust. Steve has been known to work "outside the box.” He listens to his patient’s needs and pays special attention to their lifestyle and work environment: however, he especially considers family communication. Helping families communicate is his lifelong ambition.

We do attend to our clients in nursing homes, hospital and at home as needed. We also have many years teaching how and what types of assistive listening devices can help in daily life. In fact, many are used here daily by the staff!
Tinnitus (Ringing in the Ears)

I, Steve Stout, have personally been fighting high-pitched ringing in my ears since the age of nine. I’ve studied, taken many classes, and continue to read and learn all I can on a daily basis about tinnitus. I have personally seen many patients with various types of tinnitus symptoms. In most cases, there is something I can do to help. Let’s visit and explore your options!"
Steve Stout, owner of Family Hearing Center

Insurance & Financial Information

We accept most insurance plans. We accept Visa and MasterCard. We also accept Care Credit & checks, and work with various insurance companies. We have a number of credit plans as well as layaways; ask us for more information.
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