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For Wearers

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It is recommended to wear the hearing aids all day. You should wear them just as much as you wear your glasses! Your body needs time to adapt to wearing hearing aids.

For Family

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When speaking to a hearing impaired person, always face them when you speak, and use eye contact.

Hearing Myths

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MYTH: Hearing aids are for old people.
FACT: Many of our male clients 30 to 50 years old feel they are too young to have hearing problems; however, hearing loss can affect people of all ages.
MYTH: Hearing aids cannot fully correct your hearing loss.
FACT: Each individual patient has a unique loss and the treatment must be equally personalized for the best outcome.
MYTH: Consumers are often led to purchase overly expensive hearing devices.
FACT: Some people think that hearing specialists use terms like "digital" and "programmable" in order to create an impression of value in many hearing devices, taking advantage because the consumer is unable to tell the difference between one device and the next. This is not true. We always consider our client's needs before selecting a particular instrument, and it is always best to ask for a trial of any hearing device you may be interested in before you purchase, regardless of the price-point.
MYTH: Purchasing hearing aids from a website will save money.
FACT: The relationship between a patient and their hearing care provider is a lifelong one. Hearing devices require regular (quarterly or semi-annual) adjustments and maintenance. The cost for these services is typically bundled into the initial price of the hearing aid. Paying for these services separately can become VERY expensive, assuming a hearing care provider will service devices they did not sell.

Hearing Quiz

Could you have hearing loss? Take this simple quiz to learn more about your hearing health.

1. Do people seem to mumble or speak too quickly?

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