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Hearing Aid Styles at Family Hearing Center

Technology has advanced to make hearing devices smaller and less visible than ever before.

Hearing devices also contain programmable micro-chips. As you begin wearing the device, we can change or add programs to increase the volume, understanding and clarity. This device can be worn for many years and can be updated annually. Once the initial purchase is made, the device will provide years of service to the client. When you work closely with your hearing specialist, you will receive the full benefit of your hearing devices!

Brands of Hearing Aid Technology

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It’s Time to Get More Out of Life

The Oticon More is a new perspective in hearing care. This hearing aid is designed to work more like the brain does because it learned through experience. Using On-board Deep Neural Network (DNN) the Oticon More gives the brain more of the information it needs to make sense of sounds, even in the most complex listening environments. Research has proven that the brain needs access to all sounds – not just speech – in order to function in a natural way. Using MoreSound Intelligence, Oticon More delivers 30% more sound to the brain, making speech and other sounds clearer*.

With the Oticon More you will be able to enjoy, follow, and engage in conversations easier than before. You won’t have to strain to hear anymore, the Oticon More will do all the work while providing you with crystal clear sound. This hearing aid also features a new amplification system that seamlessly adapts to the sound scenes you spend the most time in. Experience more out of life with the Oticon More.

Oticon More smart hearing aids

Additional features include:

  • 3-hour rechargeable solution
  • New MoreSound Amplifier
  • Direct connectivity to iPhone and Android devices
  • DNN technology to support BrainHearing

*Compared to Oticon Opn STM, Santurette, et al. 2020. Oticon More clinical evidence. Oticon Whitepaper.

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Repair and Maintenance

Hearing aid batteries should be stored at room temperature. Opening the battery door each night after removing your hearing aid saves the battery life.

Using a dryer box will help maintain the life of the hearing device and will keep moisture damage from corroding the hearing aid. We recommend having your hearing device serviced every 3 months. Do not use ordinary household cleaners to clean the hearing device.

In the event that your hearing device is not working correctly, bring all of the components to our office to meet with our repair technicians to discuss repairs. No appointment is necessary. We have seen many cases where a pet has bit or even eaten a device! When all of the pieces are presented, it is very possible to make a repair in office in many cases. However, some breaks are just not repairable. Most of our devices have a damage warranty and can be repaired by the company.

Secure 4-Year Warranty in Holliday, TX

Ask us about the EarQ 4-Year Warranty, available on all our EarQ devices; it's the best warranty in the industry and only available to select EarQ members, which we are proud to be.

Assistive Listening Phone with persona hearing aids

Assistive Listening Technology

We are providers for a state funded (STAP) program for hearing impaired in the state of Texas. Telephone and other assistive listening devices are available through their voucher program. We can complete the application form here in our office. Once the STAP voucher is issued to you, you may fill the voucher in our office. Generally, we can fill the voucher the same day it is presented.

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