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When you walk into Family Hearing Center and experience the warm and welcoming atmosphere, you will know you have found yourself among friends. Our service and repair department is located at the front of the office, so you can interact with the technician while your hearing aid is evaluated. The trained and knowledgeable staff will welcome you to watch them as they work, and they will be ready to answer any questions you may have.

Family Hearing Center maintains a stock of Assistive Listening Devices such as telephones, alarm clocks, answering machines, television headsets, and much more. STAP vouchers are filled at our office typically the same day they are presented. With no wait, our clients benefit even more for this State managed program.

We keep a full stock of ear hygiene accessories such as hearing device dryers, dehumidifiers, earwax removal systems—and as always, fresh new batteries.

Our Technology
Oticon Alta2 Pro

A Family Hearing Center Success Story

One of our clients had given up trying to hear better. He was fit with hearing aids as a child, but the fitter would not listen to him, as he was just 8 years old. The devices did not fit well, made sounds that were too loud, and were uncomfortable and huge. His parents tried again when he was in high school but the results were the same. Then Steve met this 18 year old young man and fit him with Oticon Alta Pro2.

Now his hearing is great! He is able to hear comfortably and to understand completely. He has regained his confidence and is much more relaxed in all settings. He no longer avoids crowds.

Update: COVID-19 Health Advisory

As more information about the coronavirus has become available, we believe it is important to inform our patients on best practices to keep yourselves and your family members safe.

Please refer to this fact sheet from the CDC that outlines what you need to know about the coronavirus.

Please be aware that our office is taking precautions to prevent against this disease. If you or someone you have been in contact with is at risk or has shown any symptoms of the coronavirus, we ask that you please contact us to reschedule your appointment.

Family Hearing Center Events

Veterans celebrating at Family Hearing Center

At Family Hearing Center, we make it a priority to stay involved in our local community. Each year during the week of November 11, we invite our US Military Veterans to attend a weeklong celebration, so we can thank them for their service. During that time, we offer refreshments and clean and inspect Veterans hearing instruments—even those not sold by us—free of charge. Our in-house repair lab allows us to make minor repairs at little to no cost to the Veteran. Our staff also enjoys just spending time with our clients. Please note that while we celebrate for only one week of the year—our US Veterans receive this care every single day at Family Hearing Center. We proudly display photos of our Veteran clients in our office.

Family Hearing Center also brings its services to local assisted living and nursing homes. Steve routinely visits several senior facilities to provide that one on one service to our clients and to other residents who may not be our clients, but need their hearing aids cleaned, minor adjustments made, or just a friendly visit with Steve!

We are also involved in health fairs and Steve regularly volunteers to speak on many different hearing-related education programs. Steve provides knowledge and information in a relaxed atmosphere to address the needs and concerns of clients and their families.

Specials and Promotions

  • We clean hearing instruments for FREE. We have repair technician on staff at all times to clean the hearing device as often as you wish for no charge. We clean hearing aids even if you did not buy them here.
  • US Military Veterans always receive 10% discount on everything except batteries.
  • Family Hearing Center Battery Club: Buy 5 packages and get one FREE!
  • Custom ear plugs are made for individuals for hunting, on the job, television reports and musicians.

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